aisaka taiga christmas takasu ryuuji toradoraYeah!!!!!! Toradora episode 19 is out……..i watched it …did you? if you didn’t go watch it anyways it was really nice…ryuji looked cool with his hair back and taiga dress was really pretty…. I want It but it’s a shame that she wasn’t the only one wearing it yep Ami wore it too anyways moving on taiga was sad and went home then ryuji dressed up in a Cute Teddy Bear cheer her up so lovely!!!!!!!!!! he then went to meet minori after taiga told him too………the end taiga was crying calling ryuji….she just figured out she loves him

I’m really happy watching anime.It makes one dream of a different world………sometimes i feel am part of that world.Don’t you? or maybe i’m just silly

I love watching Clannad After Story!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ushio is so cute and she looks just like nagisa…It’s really sad thou kinda reminds me of my own stories and relationship with my dad.



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